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May 20, 2013
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Sound Of Madness
Writen by Banditmax201
Inspired by the story of Rocket to insanity

Warning: This story has Gore, Things to do with murder.
If you have a weak heart, do not read

Today, 12:30 Midnight... Rainbow Dash just killed her friend Pinkie Pie.  With the pain of killing her own friend, she is now trying to forget the night by singing it away.  It does not seem to work, so she try's to see if pinkie could be still alive.  She puts her hoof on her neck to see if she's alive still.  In her head, a whisper came to her and made her panic a bit.  "Kill", It started with the one word, That what started this mess.  Then it happened, she found a Pulse in her friend.  She could not believe it.  Rainbow dash know she need to take her to the Doctor, but she also knows what will happen.  Images came to her head of thing that she thought of and saw that may happen.  So, she looked around for a bandage to wrap her up.  She found a dress that was made by rarity.  Rainbow Dash used it to cover Pinkies stomach.  Then She picked her up and tried to carry her out of her house.  She took about 3 steps, and heard a her friend speaking.  "R-Rainbow... W-W-Where am... I......"  She said with a voice that made dashes heart hurt more.  An hour later, She made it to the hospital, She dropped pinkie pie off at the door, A Nurse saw pinkie and ran to the door.  But in shock... Rainbow Dash flow away before she got to the door.

She flow as fast as she can and did not looked back, the fear of what her would do to her if they found out about what she did.  Then a Face flashed in front of her, She stop looked around to see who that was.  "Your Alone now..." The voices started again in her head.  She remembered the voice, the voice was the one who made her kill her friend.  This was also one that made her go crazy from the day of the nightmares.  "You can't go back now... Your friend will tell everyone who did that to her."  The Voice said.  Rainbow dash yelled in the Dark skies "YOUR THE ONE WHO DID THIS, YOU MADE ME DO THIS... I JUST WANTED IT TO END!"  Crying her eyes out.  The voice took a bit to say anything to rainbow dash, the voice did not sound happy.  "We Wanted to Help you... We made you Remove the Nightmare that formed from you memorys... We did not want you to run away from Us... We need you, Or we will Die!"  Rainbow Dash looked around in the skie, The clouds we white and fluffy, She flow into one to hide from the voices.  She covered her head to stop it all, Then one last message made it way through.  "We will return in Five days... get ready for us, cause the nightmares will not end till you stop the fuel."  then it stopped.  the noise stopped and no more voices started.  She look up at the skie and saw the moon, The moon looked at her.  "I know this is may sound crazy to you, but please... Help me... Something inside me is taking over, My hoof did not strike my friend, Someone took my hoof and forced it to do that very thing.  I just want to say sorry, but I can't even say sorry to her.  She is still alive, but she knows I tried to kill her and she may not even wanted to see me.  So... I know you are the moon, But your the only who can hear me, so please... take me away from this Nightmare."  Her tears filling her eyes and her faces, the moon glow lite her cloud and her body.  It shows the blood in her feathers and fur, but also shows the sadness and fear in her face.  The Moon send the message to a pony that controls the night.

Luna, The priness of the night saw the Pony of Darkness and Sadness.  She raced to find this pony who she attack by the madness of the nightmares.  She was guided by the moon light to the room with Pinkie pie.  She stand next to her, looking at the body of a pony that does not know of the pain her friend is in.  Luna reaches he head down to her forehead, She kisses her forehead and strange aura started glowing around her.  Pinkie then opened her eyes and took a big gasp of air.  She looked up to Luna and she look into her eyes.  "Oh Poor pony, your pain must be so deep that you will be dream of it for days."  Luna says when look out the window.  Pinkie chest was wraped up by a cloth of a dress.  She grabbed her chest in pain, the magic Luna did would heal her... but not remove the pain.  Pinkie layed her head down look at the ceiling.  "Why did she do it?  She was my friend and she tried to kill me... Why?"  She asks Luna.  "You should the answer Little one, You should have seen the Fear in her eyes and the tears that came with it."  She said to her.  "My Sister knows what madnes is... She showed me what it is... It made me go crazy.  It made me turned evil and wanted to kill her.  It started with the Voices, They are called the Whispers of Madness.   They Will drive a pony to the edge of darkness and made them turn into a monster.  You must know of this madness."  Luna says with a little tear in her eye.  Pinkie looked at her hoof, A flash of a dark memory came back to her, A memory of hate.  She wanted to hurt her friends and forget about them.  It made her Angry at them.  Then, A flash of the memory of her friends helping her back.  A light of friendship grow and saved her.

"I think We can save her.  But We need to find her before it to late."  Pinkie says holding her hoof up to the window.  "She scaried to come back and I can see why.  If I was better... I can help but I not going to better any time soon."  She droped her hoof down looks at the door.  Luna sighs a bit and tries to think.  She knows of her friends that could help her, She can ask them to find her before its to late.  "You sleep well Little pony.  I will ask your friends to help."  She disappers in the moon light, it looked like a star flying in the air.  Pinkie Closes her eyes and Hopes Rainbow Dash will be ok.

Next Morning, Fluttershy and Twilight Were at the Park waiting for Luna.  "You Sure Luna Will come, Its like morning and shes the princess of the night and..."  Fluttershy asks with no idea whats going on. twilight also confussed on whats going on, "She just start wait for me at the Park in the Morning and left, It was 2:00 In the morning and then She just disappered."  Look at a Book for Night Time Storys.  Then a Shadow float over twilight's Book, She looked up and saw a Cloud with Luna Laying on it.  "We are Sorry to keep you waiting, But we were in need of your help... Your friend Rainbow Dash is in danger."  Twilight Droped her book, Fluttershy looked worried now.  "Rainbow Dash, she has a dark curse that has took hold of her heart and made a nightmare that made her hurt one of your friends and one of hers.  This friend was Pinkie pie."  Twilight Got up very fast and asked if Pinkie was ok, Luna Nods slowly.  "I ask only you two cause the others would not Lision to me about her.  Your the only ones who may help, If you know where she could be?"  Luna Asks.  Fluttershy looks up at the clouds and trys to see if Rainbow Dash is sleeping up there.  Then a Stripe of Rainbow hit the sky, Fluttershy looked at the Area the Rainbow was going.  Twilight Asked Fluttershy to go with Luna, Twilight could find away to catch up with her.  She used a Teleporting spell to the area she thinks the rainbow is heading.  "Star Fall Hill"  A place Rainbow goes to when She is scaried of something.  Twilight thinks she would be here.  She Appered at the bottem of the hill and looked around.  She looked up and Saw a Body of Pony with Rainbow Hair.   She Ran up the hill to her.  It was Rainbow Dash, But she was Shaking.  Twilight Layed down next to her with her hoof on her Head.  "Rainbow, Are you... Are you ok?"  Rainbow dash says nothing and just shakes.  "We can help you with whats going.  Luna told us about Pinkie pie."  Rainbow Dash Look up quick, Her Face Made Twilight Jump in fear.  Rainbow's Face looked Dark, A smile was growing over her face that almosted reached her ears, and her Eyes had dark bags under them.  "You KNOW what I DID?  You KNOW what I been GOING THROUGH?!?!?!"  Her Body was Twisting and Turning When she got up.  She took some steps over to twilight, Twilight was in shock from Rainbow. Twilight tried to say something but they could not.  "You Said Fear was All in The MIND, Then WHY can't I Run away From IT!?!?!"  Rainbow took a step back and just lays down.  Twilight just looked at her with a deep fear, like she was scaried of Rainbow dash and wanted to run away.  Then she heard some words coming from Dash.  "The nightmare of the attack... It will come and I will change... I want to forget but I can't... I need help.... Please...."  She got up and opened her Wings.  Twilight Reached out to Dash.  She cried out to stop her from flying away.  Rainbow turned to her with a Different look.  He Face was filling with tears that did not stop.  A Feather fell off her wing, it drift over to Twilight's leg and landed.  She dashed away and did not looked back.  Twilight Picked up the Feather and held on to it.

Next Day, The look for Rainbow Dash was going on sense Yesterday with Twilights Talk.  She said rainbow looked to be in pain and Scaried, So said to be careful of her.  At the end of the day, No one found her... only feathers of the blue pony.  twilight Pushed the feather into the ground and started cring.  She was Scaried of Rainbow Dash and did not know why.  She know of the Feeling from somewhere and she wanted to know how to help her.  She tried to sleep it off but the Nightmares of Rainbow dash flashed all over her dreams and made her wake up over and over again in the middle of the night.  Spike could not sleep from the site of Twilight screaming of the Nightmares.  Twilight even thought of hearing sounds of someone calling her name.  Luna Then Stopped the Sounds in her nightmare.  The Sound of madness was about to take its hold on her.  Twilight in her dream thought she saw Rainbows Body turning into a dark being, like then shadow of the Nightmare eating her whole.  She know that the darkness was close to taking Rainbow Dash and it was going to be hard to save her.  Then a Cry woke her up.  Fluttershy was at the door Pinkie Pie.  Pinkie Cried for Twilight to help her.  She said that she feels Rainbow Dash is hurt somewhere in town.  A Dream came to her and saw Rainbow Falling in the Park by a tree.  Fluttershy and twilight Took Pinkie pie to the Park to find her.  When they got there, They were in shock of the site they were seeing.  A blood covered and Beated pony was fight to get back up.  Her wings were now missing all it feather and now was blooding very fast.  Her Legs were broken and bent where it looked broken.  She looked to be dieing.  Pinkie Jump of her friends back tried to run over to rainbow, but her scar was not healed yet.  She was on the ground crawling over to her to help out.  Rainbow Dash face Twisted and Turned, like she was fighting for her Life.  Pinkie pie was a inch away from rainbow Dashes arm to hold her hoof.  Then a Scream from Rainbow made the ground shake.  The Scream had two Voices in it.  She was changing, and she is trying to fight for control and losing at the sametime.

Pinkie Reached out and grad dashes arm and tried to call for her friend to wake up.  Rainbow eyes looked at pinkie's eyes.  She said... "Pinkie.... I can't move, Its Killing me...  I-I can't Fly anymore...  It even said I'm weak and it don't need anymore *Blood Couged up* I can't live like this anymore....  I can't Live in the world Knowing I can Hurt you again... This is my last Good bye...."  She Blink crawled abit over to pinkie's face and held her forehead onto hers.  She know she was Scaried and did not wanted to see Rainbow like this.  But Then Rainbow arm fell and rainbow breath was starting to get shorter and shorter.  The Sound of Madness was killing its Pray slowly.  Pinkie sat up and held rainbow's hoof to her face, Rubbing it and wanted her to stay awake.  Then, Rainbow hoof slow raised up with a shiny object in it.  A knife was handed to her.  Rainbow Dash made one last cry for help....  "Kill.... Me...."  Pinkie picked the Knife up and held it in her two little hoofs.  She pulled her Hoofs over head and closed her eyes.  Then a flash of a Memory came back and made Pinkie Sad and smile.

Pinkie was with rainbow, They were playing prank and having fun.  Then  a Memory of them on the Star Fall Hill, Rainbow dash was Crying on Pinkie Pie Lap, They day where Rainbow Dash Mother Died.  The a Memory of Them hugging and Rainbow Dash saying "Pinkie, Promise me One thing... You will always be there for me, And you will never leave me."  Pinkie Smiles and Hugges Rainbow Back.  "I will never Leave you rainbow Dash, We will be Best Friends-"  Pinkie Memory Stopped with Pinkie Striking the Knife into Rainbow Dashes heart.  Pinkie Was shaking and did not want look at the knife.  A arm start brushing he Face.  Rainbow dash was look at her smiling and happy.  "Thank... You... Pin...kie.............Pi........e..................."  Her eyes closed and did open again, Pinkie Screamed and wanted her friend to come back.  With the scream of help, Her hair lost of happyness.  Luna grabbed her and pulled her away.  Pinkie Turn and started to cry in Luna's Arms.  "I said we would be Friends forever... Now.... Shes Gone!"  Pinkie Screamed.  Luna looked at rainbows body, letting go of her and walking over the body.  She used a spell over her body.  The body then started glowing and the body started repairing, but the soul was gone.  Luna was crying look at her.  The Body then formed into a crystal, As in the Crystal formed around her. Then the heat bond around her and fused to rainbow's body.  It moved up by the tree and made it look like a angel.  Then the Glow stopped, and rainbow looked to be holding her arms open and had her wings open... But the wings looks like diamonds and were big that it made her look like a alicorn in sleep.  The Knife was gone and the scar was gone.  Pinkie looked at rainbow dashes body and smiled.  "She lookes happy, She lookes like hes flying to sky.  Thank you Princess Luna."   Walk over to rainbow Dash, Laying down and just looking at rainbow's Face.  "Best friends... Forever"  Hugging the crystal Rainbow Dash Body.

12 years Later, Its friday in the summer.  Pinkie pie was holding flowers and walking to the crystal rainbow dash.  She even had a basket in her arm with some snacks.  Fluttershy was coming also, She was bring Spike.  Twilight was taking care of ponyville after turning into a Alicorn.  "Pinkie Pie, Want did you make this time?  More Special Cupcakes?"  Spike asked.  Pinkie Smiled and noded.   "They are my best cupcakes, I named them after my friend... The Sonic Rainbow Cake."  She said holding one for rainbow Dash. "I make them special for her..."

The End
The Inspiration came from RTI and the Comic I done
This was to be one that takes place after my comic. I hope you enjoy this Story.

FanFiction - [link]

MLP by :iconhasbroplz: And :iconfyre-flye:
Comic drawn by ME
Story by scherzo
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